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About Department

The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 2008 in our esteemed institution with experienced and efficient faculty members. Since mathematics plays a vital role in all branches of engineering, all faculty members of our department put all possible efforts to make the future engineers very efficient and excellent in all walks of their career. We are following a wonderful system to achieve this goal as per the advice and guidance from our Chairman, Executive-Director, Principal and Managers. Now there are thirteen faculty members and two non-teaching staff in our department. One faculty has been awarded Ph.D., and two faculties are pursuing Ph.D., Also the Department of Mathematics acts as the Local Examination Cell and the staff members are unitedly working for the smooth functioning of the Department activities.


  • To produce a highly disciplined and technically efficient engineering community with good mathematical knowledge and innovative thinking.
  • To explore the two-way relationship between technology and society.


  • To work as a vibrant and model department of excellence in imparting quality education in the field of mathematics and Engineering.


The department of English in K. Ramakrishnan College of Engineering acts as a pivotal department. The department has proficient and efficient faculty members, always they focus on teaching English language effectively and providing incessant training in speaking. Our department believes in activity based teaching and students are enhanced by us to improve their language skills.

The art of teaching and learning process will lead the students to practice English by constant speaking. Students are being given practice for their progress in career advancement. Our department works tirelessly for Anna University results and also for professional progression.

BEC training course and literary club activities are rendered in our college to make the students adorable.

Shelley club

Shelley club is a department club which was initiated in the year 2009.

Ms. P. Jemima Margaret, the in-charge of this club, actively involves by conducting various literary activities and competitions to the students. This competitive scenario every engineering graduate confronts many hardships when they leave the campus. To overcome their fear and shyness Shelley club provides a platform by conducting many competitions like elocution, essay writing, Poetry recitation, extempore and other various activities provide them an opportunity for self expression.

Women Empowerment cell

Women Empowerment Cell in our college is well ordered by English department and provides many opportunities exclusively for girls. Dreams for a successful woman are being taught to girls by conducting many activities. It is always pleasure to aware and vigil the girl students and to make their life treasure. Many activities are being conducted in our college to manifest the talents of girls.

Business English Certificates

English has been gaining greater importance for global communication. A fairly high degree of proficiency in English and good communication skill enhance students employability. So we conduct BEC exam for our students.BEC is a high-quality international English language exam that shows students have the work focused English language skills for study and work success. This market leading exam is developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment-a department of the University of Cambridge and the world leader in language teaching.

Why this exam?

  • Makes recruitment easier.
  • Boost students’ employability.
  • Accepted globally by top multinational corporations.
  • Accepted for all categories of UK visa application, including Tier 2 and tier 4covering work and study.

Fine Arts Club

Fine arts club of our college is actively regulated by English department to bring out the unique talents of the students and it is lead by Ms. D. Keerthi , Head, Department of English. Our goal is to headway the art oriented activities by conducting various events. This club focused on inter collegiate and intra collegiate competitions and constantly secure good place.


  • Our department aims to teach English in a practical method by activity based learning.
  • To give 100% result by good teaching and coaching.
  • Our motto is not only to give results, and also to make the students to speak English and to create ability to become fluent in English by giving constant practice.
  • To enhance the knowledge of the staff members, faculty development programme and staff seminar are to be conducted for their career development.


“To set a goal and act towards the goal”


  • Providing various opportunities in the form of activity based learning in bridge course.
  • Create confidence among the students to develop them in foreign language.
  • Options are widen to make proficient in basic skills. (LSRW)
  • To create communication based teaching which aids the students in their placement.
  • To start a literary association and to expose the talents by involving in several events.


  • To direct the students in an excellence of four basic skills.
  • To motivate the students to learn many foreign languages.
  • To conduct a National conference in a grand manner.


  • To elicit the thirst of English language in students by providing communicative practice and career skills.
  • To enhance the ability to analyze the language by four basic skills (LSRW) and to be proficient in basic skills.


  • To nurture the learning of English language among students and to comprehend the language and its nuances.
  • To enable the students to excel in the sphere of Engineering and technology with language proficiency.


  • To bestow solid foundation in the fundamental of physics to students.
  • To provide students for higher level learning in engineering and technology.


  • To provide quality teaching through experienced faculty with well-equipped laboratory.
  • To begin self-learning in laboratory classes.
  • To conduct periodical seminar to create awareness of the latest trends in science and technology.

Lab details

The department of Physics is proud to inform that, it has the spacious and well equipped laboratory. The lab can accommodate more than 60 students with huge granite top tables and side tables with racks. The lab also has a dark room to perform experiments. A small library with physics books is also maintained inside the lab.


  • The Department of Chemistry endeavors to make the students in recognizing technology and compete in all their engineering field with the help of engineering chemistry.


  • The department of Chemistry is striving hard to achieve and maintaining high academic standards, in teaching and learning. To create holistic development of students in a way to build mutual respect and healthy human relationship.


CHEMISTRY LABChemistry lab is designed to educate the first year students to learn the experiments like PH   meter,Potentiometer,Conductivity meter to use the applications  of concepts in their parental branches


S.NoName of the programmeDate
1Inauguration function04-08-2012
2Quiz competition02-03-2013
3Inauguration function 13-09-2013
4Tree plantation on Chennai highways 06-02-2014
5Training programme by Govt of Tamilnadu at Bishop Heber College 30-07-2014 & 31-07-2014
6Pencil sketching 20-08-2014
7Green carnival at PABCET 06-09-2014
8EVS- World Water Day celebration 26-03-2015
9Inauguration function 21-07-2015
10Plastic awareness Rally at Samayapuram 07-08-2015

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